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What is microfiber?



Oct. 11, 2023
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Microfiber is a finely woven synthetic material made from polyester and polyamide. It is so finely woven that it is less than one denier wide; in other words, microfiber threads are less than ten microns in diameter. This makes microfiber perfect for capturing dust, dirt, and other debris when cleaning floors, furniture, and other surfaces.



Why Microfiber Mops?

Our professional-quality microfiber mops are ideal for expanding your retail business. The individual fibers are separated, allowing the mop to absorb and retain dust, dirt and even liquids better than cotton or synthetic mops. Because the fibers are positively charged, they attract negatively charged dirt and grime present in the deepest cracks or crevices of the floor. Microfiber mops remove over 99% of the bacteria they contact.



How do microfiber mops compare to cotton mops?

Unlike cotton mops that spread debris, Power Clean microfiber mops get dirt and grime deep into their fibers, dramatically cleaning your floors when you use a dry mop pad. When you use a wet mop pad, the microfiber absorbs several times its weight in water, depending on the weight of the cloth.


Microfiber Uses

Cleaning Rags and Mops

Cloths, towels, and mops made from microfiber can be found everywhere and are excellent fabrics for cleaning. They are woven to be strong and long-lasting, and because of their extremely fine man-made fibers, they leave no lint or dirt. Due to the type of microfiber used, these cloths are electrostatic and will also absorb grease and oil. The fine thread and weave of the material mean these cloths can even be anti-bacterial since they will pick up small bacteria that elude cotton cloths. Cleaning cloths made of microfiber should be washed after every use in laundry detergent.


Furniture and Upholstery

Microfiber is used for furniture upholstery because it is tough as nails, hard to stain, and easy to clean. Liquids tend to run off or bead on microfiber so it's easy to sop up a mess. Microfiber does not generate lint so it does not create allergens. It's also soft and comfortable, which is ideal for sofas and chairs.


Accessories and Sports Equipment

Most of the fabric wallets, coin purses, backpacks, and shoes that you purchase today are made of microfibers. The fabric makes them water-resistant and strong. Microfiber is even used in today's desert combat boots and to make footballs and basketballs.


In addition to all these benefits, microfiber is lint-free (cotton is not) and does not smell like cotton. Microfiber products also last longer than cotton. Machine washable pads can withstand hundreds of washes.



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