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The A-Z of furniture: Terminology to know when buying at ...


Evelyn y

Dec. 06, 2023
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Armoire: A tall standing wardrobe or closet, often used to store clothes, which can feature one to three doors and sometimes a mirrored panel. 

Arrow foot: A type of chair foot that ends in a tapered cylinder, often seen in the 18th century.

Art Deco: A style popular from the 1920s to the 1930s characterised by bold geometric designs. 


Back splat: The vertical piece of wood running from the frame of a chair to the base of the backrest. 

Dining room chairs often comprise one main material that usually forms the frame, and one upholstery material (unless it is not upholstered). Each material has its own pros and cons and can often fit into particular home styles. Take a look at your family's lifestyle when deciding on the materials for your dining room chairs. An upholstered chair seat and backrest creates a more traditional feel, while an all-wood or all-metal chair offers a more streamlined look that's easy to clean. Combine the two for a modern aesthetic that can easily match your style.

Main Material

There are five popular main materials that the different types of chairs are made from: metal, plastic/acrylic, wood, wicker/rattan, and upholstered.

Metal: There are a number of different types of chairs that have metal components – ranging from Windsor to cross-back. Some chair frames are entirely made of metal while others have only the legs or backrest made from metal, while the seat is upholstered or wood. Metal chairs also cover a range of styles including; industrial, modern farmhouse, and even mid-century modern.

The A-Z of furniture: Terminology to know when buying at ...

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