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How do I choose a stool color?


Evelyn y

Mar. 07, 2024
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Have you been stressing about getting the finest bar stools that best fit your kitchen or restaurant but are confused about the right colour? If so, you are not alone.

Picking the right bar stool colour can be daunting since there are different colour options. However, with the right guide, picking a bar stool colour that suits your taste should be a headache.

If you're worried that picking out the perfect hues for your bar stools would be too tough, here is a guide to reassure you it isn't.

And to make that very easy, we've selected the perfect bar stools with different colours, characteristics, and features, for you to choose from in making your kitchen perfect and beautiful. Choose the right bar stools –the ultimate guide.


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Colours attract, and when they are well combined in a kitchen or restaurant, they add a lot of beauty. Therefore, when trying to set up a kitchen or restaurant, picking a bar stool colour that works and goes well with the decorations and the outside environment should be a top priority.

Brown bar stools are a great option to match dark cabinets. Thanks to its earthy, sturdy vibe, brown is a popular option for decorating. It is a neutral colour that stands for dependability and stability.

In addition, brown bar stools and dark cabinets can easily go well with several other colours in the kitchen, giving you the liberty to introduce other colours in the space.

Other suggested bar stool colours that can easily go well with a dark cabinet include navy blue shades, brilliant turquoise, bright navy, and striking pink.

Suggested Bar Stool Type

  • Color: Oak, Beech, and Gold.
  • The design's adaptability means it may be used in a variety of settings, including the living room, bedroom, dining area, and home office.
  • The chair can swivel 360 degrees, so you can reach all parts of the table without having to move.
  • The swivel base is supported by four legs made of beech wood, and the legs have felt foot caps to prevent damage to your flooring.

What Color Bar Stool With Gray Cabinet

Gray is an ethereal, neutral, and balancing colour. When paired with the right shades like white or a red bar stool, grey connotes an emotionless, gloomy combination commonly associated with ideas of drab and dismal as well as formal, conservative, and intelligent.

Practical stool colours that can go with grey include white modern bar stools, white bar stools, red bar stools, navy bar stools, and so on

Suggested Bar Stool Type


  • The seat and back are upholstered in high-quality, vintage-style PU leather and mesh inserts for air circulation. Plus, the chair can swivel 360 degrees, so you can move it to any part of the bar without getting out.
  • The gas-lift mechanism helps you maintain the ideal height for your body type (from 24" to 31.89" high)
  • Unlimited cushiony comfort is yours to enjoy on this high-density foam with sponge filling.

What Color Bar Stool With White Cabinets

Brown Bar Stools: If you have white kitchen cabinets, brown is a great choice for an accent colour. Brown is an earthy colour, making it a great option for the kitchen. Since we get the food straight from the ground to the kitchen and the earth's natural hue is brown, choosing brown for the kitchen makes more sense.

White Bar Stools: A kitchen decorated entirely in white exudes sophistication and warmth.

All of the counters and appliances should be painted white. Everything in the room, from the walls to the ceiling to the counters and the accessories, should be white. Then you will have a kitchen that carries represents peace and cleanliness.

Other suggested bar stool colours for white cabinets include brown and black.

Bar stools come in various styles, but certain color choices tend to be more popular than others. Here are some of the most favored colored bar stools:

Art Leon Open Backrest Swivel Bar Stool

This specific bar stool option features a sturdy base design. Its rubber-feet base not only provides an anti-slip effect but also prevents any disruptive noises and safeguards your floor against scratches.

Moreover, this stool offers a 360-degree swivel feature, allowing for effortless rotation and movement.

Other important features include

  • More comfy and airy, thanks to its open-back ergonomic design.
  • Made with premium, vintage-inspired PU Leather that breathes well, thanks to mesh inserts in the seat.
  • A gas-lift mechanism that allows you to achieve the ideal height for your posture (from 24" to 31.89" high)
  • Strong metal footrest that can support an adult's weight
  • Other uses for bar stool

Art Leon Swivel Bar Stool

If you've been looking for a bar stool that lets you rotate 360 degrees, consider this bar stool.

This bar stool also uses a gas-lift mechanism that lets you adjust the seat to the ideal height (between 33.10" and 41.76"), while the 360° swivel feature facilitates conversation with friends and family members on a simple spot.
In addition, the big chrome base features a footrest, and the non-slip rubber ring at the base protects the flooring and eliminates rattles when you move the stool.

Besides choosing the right colours for your bar stool, choosing a type with the right size, shape, height, and materials is also very important. So in this section, we list the important things to note while getting your modern bar stools.
Bar Stool Sit SizeSeats need to be comfortable for posteriors. Seats that are both deeper and broader tend to be more comfortable for adults. However, this is not without its restrictions.

Choose a stool with decent seat depth. If you have a deep seat and the overhang of the countertop is shallow, your knees will frequently hit the underside. How to choose a comfortable and fitting bar stool pitch?

Stool Materials

When selecting bar stools, it is important to maintain consistency in the decor by choosing wood finishes that complement the surroundings. Opting for bar stools with a wood finish would enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.

If durability is a priority, powder-coated wood finishes tend to have a longer lifespan compared to natural wood. For kitchens with a metallic theme, metal appliances may be a more suitable choice. When it comes to dining rooms or kitchens, bar stools with vinyl or leather seats offer comfort and practicality.

Bar Stool Height

Typically, bar stools range in height from 24 to 29 inches, making them a perfect fit for tucking under a kitchen island. However, taller bar stools can measure between 29 and 32 inches in height.


If you want your bar stools to fit in with the rest of the furniture in the room, picking a colour that works well with the rest of the decor is a top priority.

Thanks to our wide variety of colours, you can find your choice of bar stool with us at Artleon based on the look or feel you're going for.

If you're looking for a specific colour scheme, you can quickly search using the advanced search bar on the left side of each product page.


What color bar stools work well with dark cabinets?

Brown bar stools are a popular choice as they complement dark cabinets with their earthy and dependable vibe. Other suggested colors include navy blue shades, brilliant turquoise, bright navy, and striking pink.

Which bar stool types are recommended for pairing with dark cabinets?

The Art Pyramid 360 Brown Swivel Bar Stool is a suggested option. It features a versatile design and comes in colors like Oak, Beech, and Gold. The chair swivels 360 degrees, has beech wood legs with felt foot caps for floor protection, and can be used in various settings.

What color bar stools go well with gray cabinets?

Gray cabinets can be paired with practical stool colors such as white, red, or navy. These colors complement the neutral and balancing nature of gray and create different moods and aesthetics.

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How To Pick A Bar Stool Color

By Ann Remo

It is exciting to almost have a room put together with all the furniture and decor that you like. To finish off a bar area in your kitchen, you'll probably want some bar stools to complete the look, but you don’t want to go to the trouble of finding a set of stools only to get them home and realize they don’t match the rest of the kitchen!

Even though buying on a whim can be fun, planning your purchase will leave you more satisfied. Keep in mind a few things when picking a bar stool. Keep reading to find out more details on how to pick a bar stool color.

Mix and Match Colors

Mixing and matching colors is a great way to improve a room, as long as it’s done correctly. Take note of the colors already used in your kitchen. Check the colors of the floor. Are your cabinets brown or white? How about the color of your kitchen island? You also want to remember and write down the colors of all your major appliances. Last, but not least, which of these colors stand out the most in your kitchen? Knowing this will help determine what colors you should pick for your bar stools.

If one color is dominant in your kitchen, pick an offsetting color to create some contrast and keep your kitchen from being too monochromatic. If your kitchen has a balance of color, picking your favorite for the bar stools will help make it the dominant color in the room.

Contrast with Wood

Many kitchens have wood accents as part of the design. These may be light, dark, or a combination of both. Using wood in your bar stools can help create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. There's a wide variety of ways you can add wood tones to your bar stools. You may want to try contrasting wood colors in the same seat or choose a chair with just a little wood detailing.

You can also pair a wood stool with cushions to change the color or style. With some planning and imagination, you can really take the wood look far and make it diverse, while keeping it in sync with the rest of the kitchen.

Shades, Textures, and Patterns Matching

Beyond colors and materials, shades, patterns, and textures help you imbue some personality into your bar stools. Varying the shade of a color you really enjoy will keep the room from appearing bland. Mixing patterns can work as long as they are similar to each other in at least one way.

Playing with textures and materials is another excellent way of making your kitchen stand out. Textures might come from the countertops or cabinets. To solidify your room, you can add these textures to the back or seat of your stools or include them in the small details of the chair, such as the legs.

Match The Countertop

What dominant colors are used in your countertop? Use the same colors in the bar stools, or choose a particular color in a multi-colored countertop to keep the kitchen looking uniform in its design. Is metal used somewhere on the countertop? Make sure the same metal is used somewhere on your bar stools. Likewise, if the countertop is designed with wood, use the same shade on your bar stools.

If you are planning on replacing your countertop, plan ahead and match with your bar stools. You can use the dominant part of the countertop or a small detail to make this pairing cohesive.

Match with Light Fixtures

Matching your bar stools to your light fixtures may not seem obvious at first, but it can immensely improve your kitchen's look. If the light fixtures are metal, use that same metal somewhere in your bar stools. Maybe the light covers are a certain color or design. Bring those designs and colors into your bar stools in some way.

How do I choose a stool color?

How To Pick A Bar Stool Color



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