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Glass coffee tables -- yea or nay?



Mar. 07, 2024
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How many of you have a glass coffee table? If so, do you like it? If you don't like it, why not?

For me, the pros:

no wood to clash with all the other wood in the room

adds a bit of shine and lightness

a simple style will go with almost any decor


glass gets scratched

dust shows (but this is probably a good thing, too!)

it's a harder, colder look than wood

Any other thoughts? Thanks --

1. Advantages of Wood Coffee Tables

Many people question why solid wood is the best material for coffee tables.

Solid wood coffee tables can endure for decades due to the high quality of the solid wood and the workmanship employed.

The grain of the wood is enhanced in solid wood, adding an exquisite touch to any area in your house. A solid wood coffee table will provide you with a majestic piece of furniture that will endure for many years with little to no maintenance.

They also make excellent heirlooms due to their longevity and classic design.

The advantages and disadvantages of a solid wood coffee table are mostly related to weight and appearance. Depending on the needs of the individuals who use the table on a daily basis, having a particularly hefty coffee table may be either an advantage or a drawback 

While many people like the appearance of wood, a solid wood coffee table does need some care to maintain it in excellent condition.

It must also be kept against being stained by moisture from the cups and saucers left on its surface.

Another aesthetic advantage that may offset this disadvantage is that a solid wood coffee table may be stained or painted to match the space if it is relocated or restyled.

Here are some bullet points you’ll need to know about the advantages of having a wooden coffee table:

  • Wooden coffee tables

    are extremely functional and simple to clean. If it is constructed of solid wood, it will need to be varnished or oiled on occasion to keep the wood in good condition.

  • A wooden coffee table can endure a lot of wear and tear and, if properly cared for, may survive for many years.

  • Wood is also extremely sturdy and useful, and if you have children or dogs, there is no risk of them damaging it if they drop anything on it. They may get a few bumps if they run into it, but it won’t shatter or break apart.

  • If you want to alter the color of your coffee table after a few years, you may sand it down, prime it, and then paint it another color.

  • You can easily choose wood screws in case the legs fall apart.

  • There are many kinds of wooden coffee tables available on the market. Some are made with a veneer surface. This will provide you with a wide range of choices when it comes to selecting a coffee table with a veneer finish.

  • There are so many places to go when searching for a coffee table that it shouldn’t be difficult to locate one that matches your décor before buying one

One significant advantage of a solid wood coffee table is that, if properly cared for, it is a piece of furniture that may endure for many lives making it antiquated furniture. It may be handed down as a collector’s item as well as serving home for many years.

As a result, some individuals select wood furniture with a very traditional appearance that will be loved for many generations.

Glass coffee tables -- yea or nay?

Choosing Between Wooden and Glass Coffee Table



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