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Bar Furniture Buying Guide for Business



Dec. 06, 2023
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Where do you start? There are so many guides out there it can be difficult to decipher the best tricks of the industry. It also doesn’t help that each one claims to have all you need to get started when in actual fact it might have nothing to do with what you need. 

What the internet seems to be lacking, is one simple, straightforward guide that takes you through a whole range of options – from country pubs to London penthouse bars. A guide that brings together an array of information from across the web and puts it into one easy-to-read package. A Business Guide to Buying Bar Furniture will do just that. We will take you through so many options you didn’t even know existed from pubs to clubs and everything in between.

Many of you will be coming from different backgrounds, but whether you are refurbishing your old pub or opening a new enterprise, this guide is for you. It will cover everything from buying on a budget to stocking up on top-of-the-range designer furniture. There is an outstanding number of furniture styles available, each with their own purpose. Tables and chairs can come in a variety of heights depending on intended usage, allowing people to sit, stand or lounge as desired. The availability of different materials such as wood, metal or plastic gives way to even more diversity in terms of furniture style and finish.

What are the Different Types of Pub Furniture?

Once you start looking it soon becomes apparent just how much pub, club and bar furniture is available. Names start popping up like, Bentwood and Poseur and it can be difficult to understand what they all mean. If this sounds familiar, our handy little run-through of different types of furniture should be able to help. 

The Dining Table

This staple of most homes, pubs and restaurants usually fits 4-6 people but can come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular in terms of space saving design is the rectangular table and high-backed chairs. Contemporary dining tables are made in all sorts of materials including glass, whilst those looking for something more traditional will find what they’re looking for with a stylish wooden design. 

The Bar Table

Bar tables are usually a little higher than the traditional dining table and often come with backless stools rather than chairs. They can add a contemporary touch to any establishment while still benefiting from the effects of traditional design. 

The Poseur Table

One of the tallest types of table available, poseur tables are suitable for all manner of occasions. They can be used comfortably in pubs, clubs and bars and are accessible when standing or sitting. They are often accompanied by tall stools or chairs for those who prefer to rest their feet. 

The Coffee Table

On the smaller side, coffee tables are often used to complement sofas and other low chairs. Their short design makes them unsuitable for dining but perfect for drinks and snacks. 

Bar Stools

Stools can come in all shapes and sizes to accompany a range of tables. Often backless, they are ideal for situations where customers are coming and going regularly. Wooden bar stools are perfect while waiting for a drink, while upholstered stools may offer some relief from wooden seats.

Pub Chairs and Seating

Chairs are the most popular choice of bar furniture in the UK. There are so many designs it is hard to imagine that there isn’t something for every style of pub or club. Chairs can be tall to accompany bar furniture, or shorter to complement dining tables.

Benches for Bars

When trying to make the most of small spaces, or just wanting to offer a variety of seating options, benches are great. Placed against a wall they can supply seats for multiple tables at once. 

Pub Sofas

For the laid-back lounger, sofas offer exceptional comfort. Adding low lying pub furniture into the design of your establishment keeps diversity to a maximum while offering a place to enjoy a quiet drink. 

What's the Best Furniture for Your Business?

All businesses tend to have similar business needs such as increasing brand awareness and maximising profits. The best way to meet these needs is to engage with more customers daily. The difference comes in when deciding the service and options you will provide to your customers. It therefore comes as no surprise that pubs, clubs and bars will all have different business needs. 

How to Furnish Local Pub 

Pub owners may find they have a lot of regular customers who come for their local ales and good pub-grub. Dining tables and suitable sized cushioned chairs such as the Abbruzzo are an excellent choice as visitors may be sitting for longer periods of time. Pubs that are more focused on targeting drinkers may prefer to offer a separate section furnished with poseur tables and tall stools for simpler socialising.

Poseur tables are a great addition to any pub as they can be used while standing and sitting for extra diversity. Adding a couple of pub bar stools to your establishment can also encourage customers to sit near the bar where they are likely to order more drinks. Furnishing a pub on a budget is very common and there are hundreds of products that can make your premises look great, without breaking the bank. Consider buying furniture packages or purchasing last chance offers for further savings. 

Choosing Furniture for a 'Funky' Bar

Although similar to a pub, bars are often livelier and revolve around speciality beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. The entertainment may be slightly louder than in a pub and your customers are likely there to socialise over a few drinks. Bar furniture tends to lean towards traditional bar stools and tables, slightly higher than a dining table. Bar owners may be looking to offer a place for their customers to sit and relax, while also encouraging movement by arranging their bar furniture in a way that there is still plenty of space to get around.

Tall tables such as the Chrome Ricardo are ideal for this type of environment, with their small yet sturdy base they don’t take up unnecessary space. When decorating your bar, it is important to take into consideration the type of behaviour you would like to see from your customers. 

Club Furniture Tips and Advice

Last on the list are clubs. Night clubs differ again in terms of commercial furniture. You may find a large proportion of your customers prefer to stand and therefore Poseur tables and tall bar tables are ideal for ensuring your guests are comfortable. Bar stools may be ideal for near the bar area, and with many stylish designs available such as the Tall Zeta, you can be sure your club looks great.

After a long night of dancing, a comfy sofa can be a saving grace to ensure you don’t start losing valuable customers. Consider looking at traditional designs such as the iconic Chesterfield sofa, or maybe you will find contemporary designs to be more ideal. 

Whatever your business needs, commercial furniture plays a bigger role than you might have thought. It can create a multitude of different atmospheres, from cosy to stylish, traditional to contemporary. Business is about increasing revenue and through the perfect furniture you can ensure your customers stay for longer, in better comfort and style. 

A Deeper Look into Interiors and Furniture Design

Buying bar furniture, or any commercial furniture for that matter, has a big influence on the overall atmosphere of the establishment. It is important to decide whether you want your furniture design to be consistent, or if you want to choose a variety of designs to finish with a creative environment. Many pubs and bars are looking to stand out from the crowd and to do this they often come up with whacky ideas. However, this style can often be hard to achieve and easy to over-do. 

Matching Furniture to Decor

Ideally, your furniture will match the overall décor of your pub, club or bar. If you have a lot of wooden features in place, consider looking at timeless classics and traditional furniture such as wooden bar stools and tables. On the other hand, metal or plastic furniture complete with sleek curves and reflective surfaces can create a sophisticated, high-tech atmosphere. 

Buying Furniture in Packs and Wholesale

Buying furniture packs can be an ideal way to decorate your business on a budget. If your packs are similar in size it’s a great idea to swap the chairs around so that each table consists of several different seating designs, while remaining consistent across the bar or pub. This is also a great way to furnish your premises on a budget, as you can buy the last few furniture sets from different ranges that are more likely to be on sale. 

The Importance of Personal Space

Spatial awareness within your pub, club or bar design should also be a priority. The spacing of your bar furniture can affect three things; interior visuals, customer comfort and the safety of your premises. 

Not filling the room with enough furniture can make it look emptier than it really is and this could impact your business negatively by deterring potential customers who may feel awkward in an empty bar. On the other hand, crowding too many tables and chairs into one place can make the pub look overly busy and restrict movement. Although you can serve more customers, they are likely to be uncomfortable and will unlikely return. Sitting shoulder to shoulder seems to have worked so far for restaurants like Wagamama’s, however even they have begun incorporating more private dining areas for those who prefer to eat away from the crowd and to encourage diners to stay for longer. 

Comfortable Seating for Customers


Customer comfort is paramount to a successful business and maintaining reasonable spacing between tables and chairs can have a positive impact. The layout of furniture in your premises and the amount you use to fill the space will vary between different business types and business needs.  In terms of clubs, less is usually more when it comes to furniture and it is not uncommon to see a small area of the club featuring lots of furniture from tall stools to sofas, while other areas may be left empty to incorporate dance floors. 

Safety with Business Seating

Most importantly, you should ensure your premises are safe. Keeping pub furniture arranged in order to allow easy movement around the area and access to fire exits is a must. Overcrowding can also lead to irritable customers and after a few drinks, this might not be ideal. 

Further Inspiration for Decorating your Business

It can be hard to decide exactly how you want your establishment to look. There are so many different ways you design your interiors that you can get lost in the abundance of online examples. From stylish bars to village pubs, we have put together a few of our favourite inspirational designs to get your creative juices flowing. These examples aren’t just about the furniture; they are about the place as a whole. From wall décor to flooring, you mustn’t forget that furniture may only be the smallest piece of the interior design jigsaw. 

Refurbishing your Bar

Grind & Co, a new restaurant and bar in Clerkenwell, London, has recently opened after refurbishing a grade II listed warehouse. They have chosen to use mostly matching furniture with few variations across their restaurant. The colour scheme is limited to pale pink and navy, which contrasts the distressed wooden floor. White lights further enhance the cool tones in the stylish bar. A mixture of tall bar stools, traditional dining tables and soft sofa benches offers a variety of seating options for all customers while maximising space. 

If you’re wondering whether you can compete with the style and class associated with London’s bars with a classic bar or pub, then this little guide of London’s 10 most beautiful pub interiors is for you. Pooky brings together a collection of pub interiors, from grand to simple. The Booking Office at St Pancras Station offers visitors the pleasure of traditions wooden features along with contemporary leather seats and warm lighting for a very relaxed atmosphere. Maybe you prefer to take a leaf from the book of London’s oldest pub, The George Inn, Southwark. With its dark interiors and traditional wooden furniture, it shows that the people love out-dated as much as they love modern. 

How to Buy Bar Furniture 

Trent brings to you a wonderful collection of classic and modern furniture fit for any pub, club or bar. After reading through our Business Guide to Buying Bar Furniture you feel inspired to get started with your own refurbishment then please feel free to browse our huge range of furniture. Our numerous guides to furnishing any establishment may also offer further advice if you are still feeling unsure of where to start. Contact us via telephone on 0116 2989 942 or email for all your furniture needs. 

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Bar Furniture Buying Guide for Business

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