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Are standing desks worth it 2023?



Feb. 04, 2024
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With all the changes that occurred in the workplace over the last decade and especially the last few years, you may have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” This rings true because it is something a large majority of the population is doing and we aren’t all aware of its negative impacts. 

Key Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Standing desks are a great way to combat this new epidemic of sitting and are a must-have for any job or activity that requires extended periods of time on the computer. They allow us to spend more of our day in a standing position which is much less harmful to the body compared to sitting.  

The benefits of using a standing desk are:

  • Better posture
  • Decreased pain and tension in the body
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased energy
  • More calories burned

Mastering the Art of Using a Standing Desk: The 20-80-2 Rule

To optimize these benefits the standing desk must be used correctly, it’s not just about switching from sitting all day to standing all day as that could be too fatiguing for the body. A common recommendation is something called the 20-80-2 rule, where you sit for 20 minutes, stand for 8 minutes, then move around for 2 minutes. 

Gradual Transitioning: Balancing Sitting and Standing Time

The 20-80-2 rule is a wonderful place to start when getting acquainted with using a standing desk. It doesn’t overwhelm the body with a drastic change and incorporates a 2-minute break every half hour which is a huge piece of keeping our body feeling good and mind able to focus. 

Once you feel comfortable with the 20-8-2 schedule, you can slowly even out the sitting and standing time eventually reaching 14-14-2. If changing positions this frequently is not possible with your work you can sit for 28 minutes, take a quick movement break then stand for 28 minutes, and so on.

Standing Desk Options

Best Budget Option: Azonanor Standing Desk

Best Electric Option: UPLIFT Standing Desk

Best Manual Option: VIVO Manual Height Adjustable Desk

Best Option for Small Spaces: SIDUCAL Mobile Standing Desk

Best Option with Drawers: QZMDSM Standing Desk

Best Option for Accessories: FEZIBO L Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Converter Option: SHW Standing Desk Converter

Final Words

As a professional, I cannot recommend using a standing desk enough. It is a worthy investment for how you feel right now, how productive you are, and your health in the long term. Whichever standing desk you choose for yourself, know it’s a move towards a better and healthier you.

Written by Dr. Kyle Gill, Chiropractor

Dr. Kyle is a highly skilled chiropractor at Body Science Therapy in Mississauga with a deep understanding of how sitting can impact the body. He helps people struggling with pain and dysfunction to achieve their unique goals through world-class hands-on therapy and rehabilitation movements like stretches, mobility and strengthening. 

He also knows it’s imperative to educate you on how your current habits and lifestyle have led to what you’re dealing with, and what you can change to ensure you remain healthy in the long term. If you’d like to begin you’re healing journey with Dr. Kyle you can call (905) 997-2639 or visit for more information.

Searching for the best standing desk 2023 has to offer can be a mammoth task if you do not have the right guidance. Thanks to the growing popularity of ergonomic furniture, many manufacturers are now designing standing desks as a priority. 

As such, before you invest in an adjustable-height desk, you need to make sure you are choosing the right option for your needs. Knowing how difficult that can be, we have decided to create a detailed review of eight of the best sit-stand desks in 2023. 

With the right desk setup and accompanying ergonomic furniture, any of these desks would be a worthy addition to your modern office. Read on to find out which desks we recommend you buy before the end of the year.

The Eight Best Standing Desks in 2023

If you are looking for the best standing desk, 2023 has seen a lot of great options hit the market. Get your hands on the ultimate smart desk by considering any of the following options: 

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

To kickstart our review, we have a desk that has been making waves in corporate circles. The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is beautifully designed and comes loaded with awesome ergonomic features.

It is mainly the ergonomic features that make the SmartDesk Core one of the best standing desks in 2023. This desk has a smooth and ultra-quiet lift mechanism that is powered by an electric motor. With just one touch, you can go from sitting to standing without taking a break from work or disturbing your colleagues. 

White desks are quite popular in modern offices these days, and this option has the streamlined look to be the highlight of your work area. It comes in multiple colors, so whatever décor you already have, the SmartDesk Core will fit right in. 

If you are working in an office with limited space, you may be worried about your desk colliding with other office furniture while you are lifting or lowering it. However, this desk comes with built-in anti-collision technology, meaning it will stop itself before damaging any of your surrounding furniture.

SmartDesk Core

1642 reviews



Anti-collision technologyLack of storage spaceWide range of colorsAdvanced lift mechanismUltra-quiet operation

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

Another contender for the best electric standing desk in 2023 is the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro. If you want more range and more power, this is the desk for you. 

With the SmartDesk Pro, the manufacturers were clearly working on the philosophy that more is better. After testing this desk out for ourselves, we have to agree with that. This product has everything you need in an ergonomic desk and more.

It has a wide range of possible height adjustments, from 26.2 to 52 inches. You can use the keypad to preset up to four of your preferred desk heights so that you can quickly adjust your desk whenever you need to. All this is achieved thanks to an upgraded dual-electric motor that runs at just 40 dB. 

Do you have a few extra monitors and CPUs to place on your desk? With an upgraded load capacity of 310 pounds, this desk can handle anything you throw at it. Also, the tabletops can be chosen from a wide range of natural wood or classic finishes, such as walnut, white oak, or bamboo.

SmartDesk Pro

1240 reviews



Increased load capacityNo drawers or cabinetsMore height rangeProgrammable keypadWide range of tabletops

3. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Searching for the best height-adjustable desk can be a daunting task. However, if you go for reliable manufacturers, you will find what you need. That is how we came across the elegant Vari Electric Standing Desk.

Depending on your desk budget, you can choose to go for a high-quality standing desk that will impress your guests and last you a lifetime. The Vari Electric Standing Desk has a clean and streamlined look to suit any modern office setting. However, it also features various tabletop designs that add a bit of class to the room, such as butcher's block or dark wood tops. 

The desk is very easy to assemble, and it’s even easier to operate. It has a convenient keypad that you can use to adjust the height and store your favorite settings. The frame is made of sturdy steel, allowing the desk to hold up to 200 pounds. As a bonus, the Vari Electric Standing Desk comes with a lot of useful accessories, such as a holder for your bag or headphones.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

2638 reviews



Classic tabletop optionsA limited number of configurationsAccessories includedWeight capacity of 200 poundsEasy to assemble

4. FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

If you are searching for a curved standing desk, the FlexiSpot E7 is the best choice for you. It comes loaded with fantastic features that will make life a lot easier for you at work.

Many customers who are looking for the best height-adjustable desk in 2023 are considering buying a curved desk for their offices. If that is the case, you need to take a look at the elegantly designed FlexiSpot E7. The build quality of this desk is beyond question. It is the kind of investment that you can expect to last much longer than its generous warranty. 

Its tabletop is made of sustainable bamboo, which will appeal to users who are concerned about their impact on the environment. The lift mechanism has a reliable and powerful motor that is controlled using a programmable keypad. You can charge your devices using the built-in wireless charger.

FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

4476 reviews



Integrated wireless chargerLimited color optionsPowerful electric motorImmovable wireless chargerHigh-quality materialSleek curved design

5. Branch Duo Standing Desk

When it comes to having an electric standing desk in your office, the Branch Duo Standing Desk is everything you could have asked for. Its design and built quality make it one of the best desks we have ever reviewed. 

The latest office décor trends emphasize the need for a minimalist setup, which is something the Branch Duo Standing Desk is perfect for. It looks as slim as any desk you will ever see, with no excess designs to speak of. All you get are the basic requirements of a standing desk packaged in a modern way. 

This desk has a weight capacity of 275 pounds, which is more than enough for regular office tasks. When you need to adjust the height, the motor will run quietly in the background without disturbing any of your colleagues. If you have a lot of paperwork and accessories, the desk has a drawer option for all your storage requirements.

Branch Duo Standing Desk

45 reviews



A drawer for storageLimited height presetsQuiet electric motorComplex and long assemblyWeight capacity of 275 poundsIntuitive OLED control panel

6. Uplift V2

The Uplift V2 is another serious contender for the title of “Best Electric Standing Desk 2023.” Its build quality and modern ergonomic features make it a must-have item on your end-of-year shopping list. 

Thanks to its dual electric motor, the Uplift V2 can change heights very quickly. In just a few seconds, you can switch from sitting to standing without missing a beat. Its anti-collision technology will ensure that your desk does not crash into anything in the process. 

Customization is very easy when it comes to the Uplift V2. You can choose from a wide range of color combinations to either make your desk unique or highlight your brand colors. If you have a lot of accessories in your office, this desk comes with multiple mounting points to make storage easier for you. This patented accessory mounting system puts the Uplift V2 in a class of its own.

UPLIFT Standing Desk

16988 reviews



Unique accessory mounting systemExpensive customization and international shippingWide range of sizes and colorsNo storage spaceHigh-quality materialsUltra-quiet motor

7. Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk

If you want a clean and organized workstation, the Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk is designed to meet all your needs. 

When we tried out the Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk for the first time, we were impressed with the smooth and soft desktop that made working on this desk very comfortable. It is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant, meaning your desk will always look immaculate. 

Its efficient cable management system was awesome when it came to keeping the desk free of dangling cables that cause clutter. When you add the strong frame and four height presets to the mix, it is clear why so many people consider this to be the best height-adjustable desk on the market.

Shift Standing Desk

272 reviews



Cable management systemLimited height rangeSturdy frameProgrammable keypadSmooth and durable material

8. Insignia™ Adjustable Standing Desk

The last desk on our list is the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a sleek, modern-looking standing desk to be the highlight of their office. 

With a black tabletop and black frame, we quickly fell in love with the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk’s signature look. It is the kind of design that will fit in perfectly no matter the décor of the office. The top is made of particle board with a melamine surface. As a result, this desk is light and easy to carry.

Although a weight capacity of just 110 pounds is less than the other desks in this category, it is still more than enough for regular office use. The desk's height can be easily adjusted thanks to the powerful motor that will raise or lower the top in a matter of seconds.

Insignia™ Adjustable Standing Desk with Electronic Control

572 reviews



Sleek modern lookLimited color optionsPowerful electric motorLight-weight, high-quality material

How We Picked and Tested?

Our task was to simply pick the eight best sit-stand desks. However, 2023 saw a lot of awesome ergonomic furniture being designed and manufactured. As such, we had to be clever in the way we selected the right home office desk options. 

Out of the many parameters we looked at, desk ergonomics played a crucial role in our final decision. A standing desk has to be as ergonomic as possible so that it safeguards your health and helps you work productively.

We also considered the design of the desk and the quality of the materials used. If you are going to pay a premium price for a piece of office furniture, you need the guarantee that it is well-made and built to last. As such, any desks that were made of cheap material did not make the cut. 

Finally, we considered the additional features that the desks had. Some manufacturers go all out to make sure their desks have all the design elements necessary to meet the needs of a modern office employee. These are the desks that we considered as contenders for the title of best standing desk in 2023. 

Who This Review Is For?

If you are considering upgrading your office furniture by buying a more sustainable and ergonomic desk, this review is for you. Focusing on the options reviewed here will help you narrow down your search and increase your chances of finding the perfect desk for your needs.

Top Pick for 2023

After reviewing these great options, we found it very difficult to choose the best standing desk 2023 has to offer. 

However, looking at the features of each product, the Autonomous SmartDesk Pro seems like the pick of the bunch. With a beautiful design and awesome ergonomic features, this is the best choice for anyone who wants the ultimate executive desk set in their office. 

How to Choose the Right Standing Desk?

How do you choose the best sit-stand desks? As 2023 was a busy year for office manufacturers, there are a lot of options to choose from. You have to carefully consider your needs when searching for a good standing desk. 

If you have a tiny office, for example, a small computer desk would be the most appropriate choice. Those looking for a unique style may choose to go for a curved desk instead of a regular-shaped one. You should also consider the size, quality of materials, warranty, colors, and ergonomic features. 

Regardless of what kind of desk you eventually settle for, you will find that Autonomous has a wide range of great options to choose from.

Are standing desks worth it 2023?

The Best Standing Desks in 2024 | Tested and Reviewed



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