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Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture in Luxury Hospitality ...


Emma Ren

Nov. 28, 2023
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Firstly, luxury hotel furniture needs customization based on our hotel designs. We can search ready-made furniture items. If we are lucky, we can have a suitable furniture set, which are similar or adaptable to the hotel room designs. But that does not always happen. Because the hotel design contains specific dimension and appearance. As a result, instant options can create a mess.

Custom furniture is consistently adaptable to specific rooms. In fact, there are so many hotel rooms in business plan. Therefore, we should waste no time to consider how to furnish the rooms. When custom furniture items fix into the room, it creates shapes locally and becomes catchy to the eyes.

A hotel room is much more than a space for resting. It is the place we return to after spending a long day away from home, whether a hard day’s work or a few hours of leisure. It is a home away from home, that welcomes us. The rooms are the soul of the hotel and equipping them with furniture of the highest quality is key to achieving the desired satisfaction of the guest.

Therefore, it is important to know the basic pieces of furniture required in a hotel room when equipping a specific establishment, to be sure that guests will lack nothing in this intimate space and that they will feel cared for at all times.

The room is everything when it comes to generating a positive experience. And the maximum attention must be given to every detail in order to seduce the visitor at first sight.



Wood is a safe option that never goes out of fashion. And, in this respect, the bed is always the centrepiece. The Soher catalogue features some magnificent proposals with inimitable headboards that shine with their own light. Their sense of luxury and sophistication imbues the rest of the room, and therefore the choice of headboard determines the aesthetics and the essence of the room.

The basic furniture of a hotel room includes, of course, bedside tables on which to leave personal effects and a dressing table that can be used as a side table or desk, usually complemented by an elegant mirror that is both functional and very decorative.

The choice of bedlinen and the curtains that dress the windows also contributes to the feeling of warmth in a bedroom, which also requires a generously-sized wardrobe for guests to accommodate their belongings.



In the case of luxury suites, the basic furniture required in the room increases, and may incorporate from sofas and armchairs to dining tables and chairs, depending on the available space.

To complete the exclusive aesthetics of rooms of this type, it is important for all the elements to share the same criteria of sophistication and luxury. Pieces with personality, such as lamps and clocks, not forgetting sculptures, like our handcrafted bronze figures, which constitute works of art in themselves, and which irradiate the very essence of aristocracy, able to create a unique atmosphere and lasting memories.


Advantages of Custom Hotel Furniture in Luxury Hospitality ...

Comfort and luxury. Keys to the basic furniture of a hotel ...



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