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Nov. 06, 2023
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The perfect fruit ripening rooms will save you cost and time. Apart from that, your fruits will get ripe without constituting any health hazard of any kind. The colour of the fruit and skin texture will not be tampered with. Fruits that often need this machine are banana, mango and papaya.


Fruit ripening cold rooms are used to control the ripening process of fruit by maintaining a specific temperature and humidity level. Ripening is a natural process that occurs after fruit is harvested, during which the fruit becomes softer and develops its full flavor and aroma.


However, the ripening process can be unpredictable and uneven, and can be influenced by a number of factors such as temperature, humidity, and the type of fruit. By using a cold room, it is possible to carefully control these factors to produce consistently ripe fruit with a uniform quality.


In addition to controlling the ripening process, cold rooms can also be used to store fruit before it is ripe, allowing it to be transported and sold at the optimal time. Cold storage can also extend the shelf life of fruit by slowing down the natural decomposition process.


The following are the benefits of using a fruit ripening cold room;



● It helps you ripen your fruits faster

● The fruits still retain the same color as if it got ripe naturally

● The nutritious values of the fruit are intact

● It saves you the risk of all your fruit getting ripe at the same time

● It helps you make quick profits

● There is no need to use chemicals that may be harmful to the consumer

● It also preserves your products and keeps them fresh for a short period


We produce machines that keep the skin color of the fruit glowing without any health hazard. Fruit ripening rooms make use of ethylene gas that works as natural hormones to ripen the fruits. Apart from designing and building a fruit ripening room, we also carry out maintenance services.


Our services include but not limited to;


● Designing and building a high air circulation and homogeneous temperature system

● Manufacturing of complex humidity and temperature control systems

● Building air-insulated and automatic doors

● Building the perfect ethylene injection systems

● Computerized monitoring and data saving systems

● Special devices designed for minimum humidity loss for fruits


Why do clients hire us for their fruit ripening cold rooms?



● Our prices are affordable

● We produce fruit ripening cold rooms that use less energy

● Our systems save overhead cost

● Our company makes use of the best compressors and panels to design and manufacture all our systems

● Our Fruit ripening cold rooms produce little or no sound


Contact us immediately to design, build, or install your fruit ripening cold rooms.




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